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Texas FHA loans

Benefits of an FHA Loan

When purchasing a home, an FHA mortgage is an attractive option for anyone who qualifies for the program. The opportunity to come up with a lower down payment and the reduced/limited closing costs is a great benefit to any home buyer. These are just part of the deal you get with an FHA mortgage:

  • Easy to Qualify for;
  • Guaranteed by the government making you more attractive to FHA Lenders;
  • Don’t require a large down payment;
  • Low closing costs;
  • Predictable monthly payments with fixed interest rates;
  • Insured by the Federal government.
Every loan scenario for every borrower comes with its own set of circumstances. Working with a lender that has the experience that understands your unique situation is very important. Having the ability to assist you in finding the right mortgage loan that best fits your need is the most important decision you should take when choosing a lender in buying or refinancing a home. is here to help you. Contact us by completing the simple form on this page or call us at 281-860-2533. We’d be happy to review your situation and let you know how an FHA mortgage loan benefits you.


You may also want to research U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for an overview of the FHA Loan Program.


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An FHA Loan Specialist Available to Help You

Our FHA Loan Specialists are always available to help you and answer any questions. You may contact a dedicated FHA Loan Specialist through our website or by calling us directly.

We make the FHA Loan Process Quick & Easy

It’s not a secret that lenders often times will steer their clients away from an FHA loan due to their inexperience with the process. We find FHA Loans to be a great source of funding for our clients. We share our knowledge and experience with FHA loans, making it easier to get compared to conventional financing.

FHA Approved Lenders

The Federal Housing Administration requires lenders offering FHA loans to go through an extensive approval process. We are an FHA approved lender specializing in FHA Loans in Texas.