The Top Upgrades Home Buyers Are Looking For in 2021

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Selling your home might take longer than you expect. It could need extra work to appeal to buyers. These are the top upgrades home buyers are looking for in 2021. Use this guide to decide which projects would work best in your home and prevent you from wasting money.

Some projects are quick, and others take time. You’ll need a plan and a budget to get the best results. See if any of these ideas inspire you to try something different before putting your house on the market.

1. Private Laundry Rooms

Homeowners want space to set up their belongings and make memories. It’s difficult to feel at home when laundry appliances sit between your fridge and your kitchen countertops. They belong in a private room with extra space for hampers, detergent, and baskets.

You might knock out a wall and turn a small closet into a laundry room. Play around with your floor plan to find the best place for a washer and dryer. You can always look into taking out a loan because you’ll recoup your investment after your home sells for a higher price.

2. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Some buyers purchase a house with the appliances included. Exchanging traditional appliances with energy-efficient models is an upgrade that’s hard for buyers to turn down. Older refrigerators that run all day will use 683 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per year, but newer models slash that to 450 kWh if they’re Energy Star Certified.

These appliances have a great return on investment (ROI) because buyers will pay more for them. Add them into the house sale to convince buyers that your house is their perfect future home.

3. Smart House Features

Upgrading household features to smart alternatives appeals to many different buyers. A smart thermostat lowers electricity bills, so it’s perfect for buyers on a budget and people who want a more eco-friendly home. It also brings your house into the modern world by connecting appliances to the internet.

Invest in features you’ll sell with the house, like a smart fridge, thermostat, or lighting fixture. Your home will immediately become more competitive on the market and appeal to a broader audience.

4. A Sparkling Pool With Durable Features

  After spending more than a year at home, people want new recreational features that make their house a relaxing getaway. A pool is a great way to have fun in the sun right at home. If you already have a pool installed, this can be a huge plus for potential buyers. Otherwise, you may want to consider adding one to your home. 

If you do decide to install a pool, make sure to choose the right pool decking to ensure months of summer fun without costly repair work. Older wood planks might have sun damage or warp from weathering, so consider installing a pool with long-lasting materials to withstand time and regular use.

When you put your home on the market, be sure to post pictures that capture your sparkling pool to draw in more curious families and couples. They’ll daydream about summer pool parties and cookouts in your upgraded backyard.

5. Deep Multi-Jet Bathtub

Anyone can find a place to live with the traditional shower and tub bathroom combo. But buyers will definitely want to tour your home if they see listing photos that include a deep multi-jet tub. It’s a luxury addition that home buyers are looking for in 2021. Custom tub installations may cost up to $2,000, but you’ll get that money back after your home sells.

It’s a popular upgrade because buyers don’t have to start the installation process after moving in. There’s less work for the buyers and a bigger ROI for sellers.

6. Updated HVAC Units

Everyone’s experienced the heart-dropping moment when their heating and air conditioning unit breaks. It always results in days or weeks of uncomfortable heat or freezing indoor temperatures and an expensive price tag.

Buyers dread paying for potential HVAC repairs or replacements soon after spending thousands of dollars on a new home. Install a new HVAC unit or inspect your current system to catch any possible issues. Whether you replace it with an energy-efficient model or get a passing inspection on your existing unit, your work will encourage buyers to place an offer because the unit won’t drain their savings by breaking after they move in.

7. Backyard or Side Patio

Think about your home’s layout to determine if you should add a backyard or side patio. It creates a new space for people to gather and make memories while adding value to your home. Enclose the patio in glass walls or make it a screened-in area for relaxation.

This is an especially helpful home upgrade if you live where the weather is pleasant enough for buyers to use it from spring to fall. Add a ceiling fan, outdoor carpet, or electrical outlets so your future buyers can personalize the space and enjoy the patio they’ve always wanted.

8. Silent and Unobtrusive Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are decorative and functional features. They won’t add much value to your home, but they’ll attract more buyers. A slight breeze makes a home more pleasant, especially in hot summer months. Ceiling fans will also save homeowners 40% on electric bills because the air movement cools your home without the HVAC unit turning on.

Listen to your ceiling fans to see which could need a replacement. They should move silently in the background without buzzing or tapping noises. They’re easy to replace if your ceiling fans are outdated, so consider newer models for the most frequented rooms in your home.

9. Extra Storage Space

Everyone needs more storage space, even if they live alone. Add a room in your home or on your property for future buyers to store their things. Build a shed or finish your attic so they can protect their belongings from weathering and pests.

While they tour the place during an open house showing, they’ll imagine storing their holiday decorations and heirlooms in the extra space and feel more inclined to move in.

10. Luxury Lighting Features

Lighting warms your home and lifts it into luxury. Install modern features or chandeliers in your dining room or living room. Show off your home’s exterior with new floodlights. Give your kitchen a facelift with lighting strips under your cabinets. There are numerous ways to elevate your home with the proper lighting, especially with luxury features.

You could also invest in one large lighting project, like building lights into your walk-in closet. Show off your shoe rack or glass cabinets for your folded clothing. The warm lighting invites people to imagine living in that space because it makes every room more visually appealing.

Consider Upgrades Home Buyers Are Looking for in 2021

Sell your home faster and for a better price by considering the top upgrades home buyers are looking for in 2021. Projects of any size can make your property more competitive and secure a significant ROI when your realtor finalizes your sale contract.