Types of FHA loans

Although homeownership is challenging, it’s reassuring to know that there are loan programs suited for different kinds of people with varied backgrounds in money. One good example is the Federal Housing Administration. A kinder alternative to people struggling with getting a conventional loan, the FHA proves to be more empathetic is those who are low-to-average salary earner can easily get an FHA grant, as long as they’re able to comply with what’s needed from them.


All that said, there are various FHA loan types as well, so it’s best to be acquainted with each one for future borrowers to know what to expect. If you’re curious about getting an FHA loan, there are many things to consider. The government-insured loan program has a vast assortment of loans one can choose from.

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Types of FHA Mortgage


Conventional Fixed Rate


This loan type is set for a particular duration of time with a pre-determined interest rate. As the name implies, the interest rate does not change over time, which means that a borrower’s mortgage stays the same all throughout the duration of the loan. This FHA loan type is not assumable and has a corresponding prepayment penalty, should a loanee pay for the entire loan earlier than agreed. This arrangement is best for those who intend to own and reside in their property for a long time.  


Conventional Adjustable Rate Mortgage


This loan type is also set for a particular length of time, but the interest changes as time progresses. Most often, the interest rate remains unaltered for the first 3 to 5 years. After that, interest rates usually become pricer and so does one’s mortgage payments. Also known as ARM, this loan type is best suited for people who intend to stay in their property for a considerably short period of time, or only until the interest rate doesn’t change.


Jumbo fixed rate

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This loan type, in particular, is solely for loanees who need funding involving a mortgage worth $333,700 in a mortgage. That said, it is potentially very dangerous for lending firms to fund a mortgage so expensive. Furthermore, this loan type is meant for large mortgages and not just private ones. For this, the interest rate is also bigger compared to a conventional fixed rate loan.



This mortgage closely resembles an adjustable rate mortgage, except that the fixed-rate duration is more extensive. While the fixed-rate proportion lasts three to five years as written earlier, the fixed rate period may last ten years for a hybrid mortgage.




For borrowers who wish to buy a home that’s way over their budget for the meantime, the Balloon type enables loanees to make more available, cheaper payments at the start and then pay the remaining balance of the mortgage at a much later time. For example, if one is bound to have access to a family trust or a business from a dying parent, they can opt for the balloon arrangement to hasten their equity.


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