FHA Mortgage – HUD 203(k) Loan Program

One of the major misconceptions about the Federal Housing Authority 203K home loan programs is that it’s hard and time-consuming. It is only hard if the mortgage officer and realtor are inexpert with the procedure. As far as being long, whenever you engage 3rd party contractors and consultants, you add to the amount of time a home loan programs take to close. However, on most restorations, there’s no cause the process can’t be finished in thirty to forty-five days. I’ve seen them close in twenty days from the first consultation to closing.

We shall be looking at the following points in this article:

  • Different types of FHA 203k mortgages
  • The end result of the process
  • A few other FHA loan programs

It’s factual on both the 203K streamline and the traditional 203k. Although the streamline doesn’t need a HUD 203K consultant, I’ve found myself conferring on them. When all’s said and done, it’s still construction, and if a house owner lacks the skill and/or construction knowledge and background, then it’s key to have an advisor working in the corner to assure the course stays smooth to completion.

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To Better Comprehend The Process Of FHA Loan, You Have To Comprehend There Are Two Different Types Of FHA 203K Loans:


  • The FHA 203K Streamline:


This mortgage is for repairs under thirty-five dollars that don’t involve any type of structural restorations. For streamline 203K‘s, the broker might release thirty-five to fifty percent upfront and fifty percent when the work is done. The broker will need a final assessment to make certain the work is finish. However, be certain that the max of 35,000 dollars is sufficient to finish the work you desire to have completed. You don’t desire to run short of funds before the job is actually finished. It can at times occur with unexpected damages throughout the construction procedure. In a few cases, you might just go back to the broker for an additional two thousand dollars. It depends on your broker and the conditions.


  • Full FHA 203K:


Mortgages exceeding 35,000 dollars in repairs, the procedure becomes somewhat more complicated. A lot of times on such when you are doing the more wide-ranging repair you’ll desire to involve a 203k consultant. He’s the key to the venture’s success. Primarily, the 203k consultant is all that is needed. The consultant’s role is clearly described in the initial discussion. Obviously, the procedure can differ from mortgage to mortgage and the need to retain an engineer or architect could arise riding on the complexity of the venture.

End Result Of The 203K Mortgage Process:

The end result of any procedure can hardly be guaranteed, but when finished an FHA 203K buying mortgage correctly with a knowledgeable 203k consultant, mortgage officer, and well-informed realtor, house purchasers can productively utilize a 203K financing to make a custom-designed house with substantial equity from day one. And do not overlook, you can refinance your existing mortgage with the 203k. The key to the achievement is the 203k consultant.

The 203k consultant you choose ought to have met the at least of three years experience as a renovation contractor, house inspector or general contractor and be listed on the 203k expert’s roster at the official site of Housing and Urban Development.

Some Other FHA Home Loan Programs:

The following are some other FHA mortgage programs you can opt for. But before choosing the one, you must make sure that it will fulfill all your requirements.

  • Energy Efficient Mortgage
  • 1 to 4 Family Home
  • Manufactured Home Loan
  • Good Neighbor Next Door
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • Home Equity Conversion Mortgage HECM
  • HUD Homes
  • Graduated Payment Mortgage
  • Disaster Victims Mortgage
  • Rehabilitation Mortgage

The FHA home loan programs are designed to make your problems easy. Everyone wants to have his or her own house, and FHA mortgages can help you do that. You can simply find an FHA approved lender; provide some essential documents, get the home appraisal done and then you will have enough cash to buy a new home or get your home remodeled. And the interest rates and downpayment on FHA loan is also very low which is a great benefit of such loans.